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Are you looking for a top-notch staging solution for your next live event? Look no further than the product S10 from XStage, the ultimate deck for any occasion.

Whether you need a small stage for a solo performance or a large platform for a band, the S10 can handle it all.
The S10 deck is made of high-quality aluminium and birch plywood, with a hexagrip surface that prevents slipping and ensures safety.
You can adjust the height of the legs to suit your needs and choose between circle or square leg types for different aesthetics.
The S10 deck is easy to assemble and disassemble and meets the DIN 15921 standards for reliability and durability.
Don't settle for less than the best; get the S10 deck from Xstage company today and rock your live event!
  • Universal leg securing system
  • Heavy-duty, 12mm birch plywood deck
  • Waterproof and anti-slip hexagrip surface
  • Central stabilizing beam
  • Internal connector for securing decks together
  • Overall weight of the deck only 33kg
  • Complies with DIN 15921
For more information on the Xstage S10 stage, please click on link: