Warehouse operator


You will be responsible for the proper operation of storage and sorting of parts and materials in warehouses in an efficient and safe way.

Main Responsibilities

  • manage all incoming material and parts
  • placing goods in the warehouse in the appropriate places
  • handle the material and parts in such a way that they are not damaged
  • report and reconcile stock discrepancies
  • writing off and assigning received goods and materials, working in the ERP System
  • detection of missing goods
  • provision of partial and complex physical counts and participation in physical inventories
  • inspection and disposal of damaged material, parts and goods
  • selection of material and parts for production premises
  • work with handling and lifting equipment
  • crane and forklift
  • picking material for subcontractors
  • receiving parts from subcontractors
  • administration associated with the receipt and issue of material and parts
  • ensuring the highest possible accuracy in stock records and therefore also in the states of stored items


What is the definition of a warehouseman? An ant the size of an elephant.
Was it difficult to tame the Fork-lift? An intellectual wouldn't be able to do it.
What do you follow? According to the Czech motto Ordnung muss sein!

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