Packing Operator


You will be responsible for cleaning, packing, timely and correct picking of goods for dispatch

Main Responsibilities

  • cleaning of goods before packaging, visual inspection of products
  • packaging in boxes corresponding to the products and other packaging material
  • unloading elements and parts onto pallets and their packaging and courting
  • create packed pallet units
  • labeling of packaged goods with identification labels (how to work with orders, who picks what from production orders)
  • product marking with an engraving gun
  • visual inspection of scratched and defective goods and reporting to superior


  • previous experience with product packaging is an advantage
  • ability to perform repetitive work
  • strong emphasis on detail
  • ability to work under pressure
  • basic computer work



Do you like to Pick Up? Every guy likes to Pick Up.
How demanding is the job? Like putting together a puzzle.
What would you never want to pack? Life.

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