Key Account Manager


Cultivate develop and manage relationship with existing and new key customer
Promote and create demand for brands existing & new products and solutions
Manage strengthening loyalty to brand via deepening relationship with our customers

Main Responsibilities

  •  radiate passion and enthusiasm as brand envoy
  •  regularly visit target accounts to introduce and sell the brands products including product listings and commercial negotiations
  •  influence high brand visibility at account communication channels
  •  develop and manage growth plans with customers
  •  develop with customer database of local influencers
  •  drive account performance according related accounts kpi and other power & soft indicators
  •  provide regular feedback from market, related to changing market conditions, competiton activites and customer comments to our internal activities, customer service, logistics, marketing and other departments
  • collaborate closely with marketing & product development teams
  • discuss explain and push thru Brand various organizational needs and wishes related to customer
  • organize workshops to train customer staff and sales forces
  • building loyalty customer to brand
  •  budget development
  • manage and present travel calendar or regular base
  • create and implementing sales plans     


  • degree required or equivalent combination or education and or experience
  • demonstrate 2+ years successfull experience in same of similar position wothin an international  
  •   environment
  •  passionate about entertainment industry, desire to learn
  • excellent communication and relations hip building skills
  • good organizational and time management skills
  • customer focused
  • ability to establish and maintain strong relationship with all partners
  •   (existing „industry spirit“ network within the market is a plus)
  • commercial assertivenes
  • ability to prioritize while handeling multiple tasks
  • travelling required
  • demonstrate 2+ years succesfull experience in same or similar position within an international
  •   environment
  • fluently english


Are you in charge of the keys? No, we open with a chip in the company.
So what does a key manager do? Takes care of key customers.
If I buy something, will I also be a key customer? If you buy it maybe a hundred times...

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