Process Engineer


Responsible for identifying and implementing efficiencies within the manufacturing processes; Thru
knowledge, workload and major activity spend at production floor.

Main Responsibilities

  • study and analyze labour; production times; deaf times; productivity
  • develop and maintain work measurements standards for various job functions and manufacturing processes
  • create statistical tools, reports and related items to support this effort
  • recommend workflow, equipment; facility layout changes or other changes based on your findings
  • identity areas for improvement of lean manufacturing process
  • make recommendations for best practices performance measurement
  • develop processes to be trouble free and successfull everytime (zero mistakes and defectes)
  • analyze product costing process, identify opportunities within the manufacturing process for cost reductions thru improved efficiency
  • explore every opportunity to increase production efficiency by evaluating production machinery process flow and work instructions
  • research new technologies and suggest new machines and processes
  • initiate and implement cost reduction programs related to production methods and technologies
  • facilitate project team meetings, updates and presentations, relevant analysis and developments
  • utilize core understandings of engineering to assist in integrations of technical solutions into existing processes
  • partner with manufacturing and quality engineering to make recommendations and improvements fastly and effectively
  • support continuous improvement
  • share best practices with relevant colleagues worldwide
  • maintaining process documents


  • Engineer degree required or equivalent combination of education and/or experience
  • 3+ years of prior experience in same/similar role
  • solid project & time management skills
  • strong analytical research and analytical skills
  • ability to work on muliple tasks simultatneously
  • ability to manage priorities and schedules
  • solid written, verbal & presentation skills
  • ability to read, understand & discuss technical manufacturing documentation
  • willingness to work in fast pace environment
  • solid interpesonal skills and teamwork spirit
  • fluent english is a plus
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving skills


What book would you recommend to your colleagues? Franz Kafka: The Trial.
What are you processing? So that things are produced quickly, qualitatively and efficiently.
Does anyone cares at all? Our Boss cares. Those who just stand around at work, no.

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