Weld fantastic stages, towers and their components

Main Responsibilities

  • welding of aluminum/steel structures in shift work in Roudnice nad Labem
  • check the welded material and parts before starting work
  • check and mark the final product
  • responsibility for (correct assembly of the product, quality welds) own performance and reward, quality, condition
  • production equipment (templates, grates, plates)
  • wear and use prescribed clothing and equipment,
  • take care of the cleanliness of the product, workplace
  • keep the workplace and entrusted machines and tools in order


  • welding qualification
  • ability to read technical documentation; drawings
  • the ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • basic work with a PC


Why do you weld? It's a real job. Fire, sparks, rumble and the energy.
What do you enjoy about it? A result I can touch.
How long do you want to do this? As long as possible, because my head is clear after work.

My personal life