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Technical planning of a video wall

Area Four Industries is delighted to announce the latest in a series of free Webinars addressing key issues in the Event Entertainment industry. Each of these Webinars features advice and recommendations from industry experts and are aimed at anyone with an interest in maintaining rigging best practices.

As you will be aware, LED screen walls play an indispensable role in the event industry and are used at huge stadium events as well as at more low-key, intimate occasions.
However, rigging these walls is no laughing matter and requires detailed planning and precise execution.
Norbert Tripp (Technical Director at A4I) discusses the key factors involved with the process with two experts - Chris Böttger (Tors Rigging Service, Germany) and Stefan Pries (Creative Technology, Los Angeles, USA)
The Webinar is sure to be heavily subscribed. Make sure you do not miss this unique opportunity and register today on the link below.

European version: 18th October 2021
Register here

American version : 20th October 2021
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